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Schlemmer x Beats

Techno meets Arts

On Friday, February 14, 2020, the "Triadic Ballet" created by Oskar Schlemmer about 100 years ago comes to life again. Visitors can dance together with their very own customizable Triadic dancer buddy in a Techno Club inside the Stuttgarter Staatsgalerie.

In this student project, I contributed as lead of animation and programming. My main tasks included:

  • establishment of an asset pipeline
  • modelling of 17 costumes, based on Oskar Schlemmer's design
  • rigging and animating the character
  • accomplishing motion capture sessions (supervising as well as dancing)
  • coordinating software development in Unity
  • implementing several features (e.g. music visualizer, dancer spotlight)

Schlemmer x Beats is an interactive techno art-club at the Stuttgarter Staatsgalerie. In 1922 the premiere of Oskar Schlemmer's "Triadic Ballet" took place in Stuttgart. After almost 100 years the Triadic Ballet is turned into a new installation. We bring the triadic dancers back to life so they can dance with us - to techno. An immersive, interactive, and unique art- experience is created in a club, made possible much like the electronic music played, by technology.

More coming soon...
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